Implementation of the Procurement Plan 2016

P.O.2016-01-001 Hiring of Consultancy Services
P.O.2016-01-002 Replacement of Tire of Toyota Hi-Ace
P.O.2016-01-003 Purchase of Risograph Ink
P.O.2016-01-004 Purchase of Kyocera Toner
P.O.2016-01-005 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-01-006 Purchase of Watchguard 1-Year Security Suite Renewal
P.O.2016-01-007 Purchase of DVD 
P.O.2016-01-008 Renovation of 3rd Floor GCP Room use for Nursery Room
P.O.2016-01-009 Purchase of BaLinkBayan Planner with Individual Boxes
P.O.2016-01-010 Purchase of Various Toners and Ink
P.O.2016-01-011 Purchase of Various Inks
P.O.2016-01-012 Purchase of Car Battery
P.O.2016-01-013 Preventive Maintenance and General Cleaning of CFO Airconditioners
P.O.2016-01-014 Renovation of Tables at CFO Ground Floor
P.O.2016-01-015 Printing of Calling card for Secretary Imelda M. Nicolas
P.O.2016-02-016 Supply and Delivery of 1343 Actionline Polo Shirt with print
P.O.2016-02-017 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-02-018 Fabrication, Supply and Delivery of Uniform for CFO Male Employees 2016
P.O.2016-02-019 Purchase of Laptop, Tablet, and Digital Camera
P.O.2016-02-020 Purchase of Multimedia Projector
P.O.2016-02-021 Purchase of Printer, Portable Hard Drive, and Tablet
P.O.2016-02-022 Fabrication of TMS Table at the Ground Floor
P.O.2016-02-023 Renewal of Standard SSL for website
P.O.2016-02-024 Purchase of Various Toners
P.O.2016-02-025 Purchase of Toners for PESO SENSE & MDI-1
P.O.2016-02-025 Purchase of Coffee
P.O.2016-02-027 Purchase of Portable Hard Drive
P.O.2016-02-028 Printing of Primer on RA9208 as Amended by RA 10364
P.O.2016-02-029 Rental of Venue, Accommodation and provision of meals for 2016 CFO Teambuilding
P.O.2016-02-030 Rental of Venue, Accommodation and provision of meals for 14th PSO Conference
P.O.2016-02-031 Installation of Motor Compressor for Aircon
P.O.2016-02-032 Purchase for Compressor
P.O.2016-02-033 Purchase of Numbering Machine
P.O.2016-03-034 Fabrication, Supply and Delivery of Uniform for CFO Female Employees 2016
P.O.2016-03-035 Rental of Big Bus for 2016 CFO Team Building
P.O.2016-03-037 Printing of MDI-1 Western Visayas Flyers
P.O.2016-03-038 Fabrication and Delivery of CFO Utility Uniform 2016
P.O.2016-03-039 Fabrication and Printing of Calling Card of various CFO Employees
P.O.2016-03-040 Purchase of Servers
P.O.2016-03-041 Purchase of Multimedia Projector and Biometric Scanner
P.O.2016-03-042 Purchase of Uninterruptible Power Supply and 12V 7,2Ah UPS batteries
P.O.2016-04-043 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-04-044 Purchase of Risograph Ink
P.O.2016-04-045 Materials for the Renovation of the Information Counter and Fabrication of Cashier table
P.O.2016-04-046 Purchase of Coffee
P.O.2016-04-047 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-04-048 Purchase of Office Supplies
P.O.2016-04-049 Rental of Big Bus use for the tour of the 14th Philippine School Overseas Conference
P.O.2016-04-050 Purchase of File Cabinet
P.O.2016-04-051 Renewal of PABX Comprehensive Maintenance
P.O.2016-04-052 Fabrication of Clear Glass
P.O.2016-04-053 Printing of Virtual Sentro Rizal User's Manual
P.O.2016-04-054 Fabrication of A4 Oversized Conference Leatherette Folder of the 14th Philippine School Overseas Conference
P.O.2016-04-055 Purchase of Dual Band Router
P.O.2016-05-057 Purchase of Apple Magsafe Power Adapter
P.O.2016-05-058 Purchase of Desktop Computer System
P.O.2016-05-060 Preventive Maintenance of Air Conditioning units of CFO Cebu
P.O.2016-05-061 Repair and Replacement of various spare parts of Toyota Hi-Ace
P.O.2016-05-062 Purchase of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (Select)
P.O.2016-06-063 Rental of Commuter Van use for the Stress Debriefing of CFO
P.O.2016-06-064 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-06-065 Printing of Virtual Sentro Rizal 2nd Edition User's Manual per Book of Language Translation
P.O.2016-06-067 Hiring of Lecturer for one while day on Stress Debriefing Session for MIED Staff
P.O.2016-06-068 Purchase of Risograph Ink
P.O.2016-06-069 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-06-070 Purchase of Kyocera Toner
P.O.2016-06-071 Purchase of various office supplies
P.O.2016-06-072 Purchase of Coffee
P.O.2016-06-073 Purchase of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (Advance)
P.O.2016-06-074 Rental of Venue, Accomodation and Meals for the Stress Debriefing of CFO MIED Staff
P.O.2016-06-076 Purchase of Stata License
P.O.2016-06-077 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-06-077A Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-07-078 Purchase of Car Battery
P.O.2016-07-079 Repair and Replacement of Starter Assymble and service labor for the CFO Vehicle
P.O.2016-07-080 Purchase of Notebook Computer and Projector
P.O.2016-07-081 Hiring of Individual Consultant for MDI-Western Visayas
P.O.2016-07-082 Purchase of Uninterruptible Power Supply
P.O.2016-07-083 Purchase of Puldown Evaporator for CFO Vehicle
P.O.2016-07-084 Purchase of Car Parts for CFO Vehicle (Toyota Revo)
P.O.2016-07-085 Purchase of Notebook Computer and Projector
P.O.2016-07-086 Hiring of Lecturer for Stress Debriefing
P.O.2016-07-087 Printing of Manual of Policies Standards and Regulations for Philippine Schools Overseas (3rd Edition)
P.O.2016-07-088 Gawad ng Pangulo Medallion for the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organization Overseas
P.O.2016-07-089 Purchase of Toner
P.O.2016-07-090 Purchase of Notebook laptop and Printer
P.O.2016-08-091 Purchase of CCTV Camera and Balun
P.O.2016-08-092 Renewal of Wildcard Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
P.O.2016-08-093 Purchase of Office Supplies
P.O.2016-08-094 Dismantling and Transferring of Partition from new building and Reinstallation to 4th and 7th Floor
P.O.2016-08-095 Printing ofCFO Registration Stickers (Emigrant)
P.O.2016-08-096 Purchase of Server Hard Drive
P.O.2016-08-097 Purchase of Car Battery
P.O.2016-08-098 Purchase of Watchguard XTM535 1year Security Renewal
P.O.2016-08-100 Repair and replacement of various parts of toyota corolla
P.O.2016-08-101 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-08-102 Purchase of Kaspersky Security for Business (Select)
P.O.2016-09-103 Rental of Closed Van
P.O.2016-09-104 Purchase of Product Protection for HP Servers
P.O.2016-09-105 Catering Services for the CSO Consulation for the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum
P.O.2016-09-106 Rental of Big Bus Service use for the 3rd Global Mayoral Forum
P.O.2016-09-107 Purchase of Car Battery
P.O.2016-09-108 Replacement of brand new condenser, labor, freon, vacuum and oil for Toyota Innova
P.O.2016-09-109 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-09-110 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-09-111 Purchase of Numbering Machine
P.O.2016-09-112 Purchase of Coffee
P.O.2016-09-113 Purchase of Various Office Supplies
P.O.2016-09-114 Purchase of Ink Cartridges
P.O.2016-09-115 Purchase of Risograph Ink
P.O.2016-10-116 Purchase of Janitorial Supplies
P.O.2016-10-117 Printing of CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate
P.O.2016-10-118 Printing of J-1 Registration Stickers
P.O.2016-10-119 Purchase of External Hard Drive
P.O.2016-11-120 Printing of Souvenir Program for the 2016 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas
P.O.2016-099 Renewal of Adobe Creative Cloud

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