Did you know that… the US remains the no. 1 destination country of Filipino emigrants;  Filipinas prefer American, Japanese and Australian citizens as life-partner among foreign nationals; the average age of Filipinos migrating permanently overseas is 31 years old; and the internet and social media play an important role in the migration of Filipinos?

These and more interesting trends and trivia on permanent and marriage migration, as well as migration and development, and other migration-related statistics  could be found in the recent e-publication of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas – “2015 CFO STATISTICS ON PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION”. Specifically, it contains data collected and processed by the CFO which include statistical profile of registered Filipino emigrants, spouses and partners of foreign nationals, Exchange Visitor Program participants, au pairs, diaspora philanthropy thru the CFO’s LINKAPIL Program, Philippine Schools Overseas, and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy of the CFO. 

The CFO is a Philippine government agency under the Office of the President, tasked to promote migrant welfare and interest and strengthen ties with Filipino communities overseas. It is also the co-chair of the Inter-agency Committee on Migration Statistics under the Philippine Statistics Authority. It has been releasing migration and migration-related data since 1980. The e-publication may be accessed here.