Usec. Abdulgani Matua Macatoman

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) welcomes Undersecretary Abdulgani Matua Macatoman as its newly appointed Executive Director. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte appointed Usec. Macatoman on 09 March 2022.

Undersecretary Abdulgani M. Macatoman has a proven track record in public service and entrepreneurship spanning over 30 years, and is the author of the recently published book “The Global Halal Economy”. His personal advocacy of elevating Halal’s importance in the lives of people and its impact on the economy moved the good Undersecretary to finally write the book. He extends his mission of improving the lives of people through his Kabuhayang Pinoy, a national television program for livelihood.

The former Chairperson of the Foreign Chamber Council of the Philippines (FCCP) and former Executive Director of the Philippine Solar Power Alliance (PSPA), Chairman and CEO of the Global Empire International Group of Companies, and Chairperson Emeritus of Bangsamoro Federal Business Council, Inc., he began his public service career by becoming a consultant for the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines and Executive Officer in the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (now the Department of Education). He also served as a consultant for the Philippines Center of Transnational Crime under the Philippine National Police and as a former Consultant at the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC).

Undersecretary Macatoman was first appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as Assistant Secretary in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in July 2017. He was then promoted as Undersecretary of Special Concerns in July 2018 and became concurrent Undersecretary for the Trade Promotions Group in February 2019. He served as the Chair of the Export Development Council Executive Committee and was in the Technical Working Group of the Philippine Halal Export Board. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the National Housing Authority, PhilGuarantee, alternate of DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez for the Inter-Cabinet Cluster Mechanism on Normalization, and Philippine Senior Official of the Brunei Darussalam- Indonesia- Malaysia Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA).  


Sangay ng Pangasiwaan at Pananalapi

Dir. Mario O. Garcia, CPA

a. Provides all necessary support services to ensure the efficient flow of work in the technical offices;
b. Coordinates and supervises activities involving purchase of supplies and equipment and security of property;
c. Undertakes employee recruitment and placement and the establishment of career development programs and trainings as well as employee relations and services programs;
d. Plans, develops and administers a comprehensive personnel program including the development of manpower plans for the Commission;
e. Responsible for a high level of personnel effectiveness and morale in the agency;

a. Takes charge of activities involving collection and disbursements, accounting of funds and property, and the preparation of budgetary requirements


Sangay ng Pamamahala sa mga Sistema ng Impormasyon

Dir. Romeo M. Rosas II, PECE, ASEAN Engr.

a. Designs, implements and maintains a comprehensive database system on Filipinos overseas essential to the national policy initiatives;
b. Administers e-Government projects and programs led by the Commission;
c. Provide data and statistical report on Filipino Migration generated from the CFO databases;
d. Designs, develops, implements and maintains computerization systems which will improve the Department’s information systems and synthesize frontline processes;
e. Encoding of the frontline services registration forms;
f. Maintains communication services (IP PABX System, Internet, Local Area Network, Web Portal and Data Center);
g. Provides ICT technical support in view of the agency computerization and automation;
h. Ensures the proper operation and maintenance of the all CFO offices ‘s computer hardware and software; and
i. Generates the master list of departing emigrants and send it to POEA and Philippine overseas post on a monthly basis.

Sangay ng Pamamahala sa Proyekto

Dir. Marita D. Apattad

Project Promotion
a. Formulates, plans, and develops programs to effectively disseminate to Filipino overseas the projects/services being offered by the Commission;
b. Supervises the promotion of all projects / services being offered by the Commission;
c. Supervises the promotion of all projects and activities for overseas Filipinos;
d. Initiates programs/projects to facilitate acceptance of the Commission’s services and to attract Filipinos overseas to actively participate in these programs;
e. Organizes an information dissemination system to effectively enhance the awareness of overseas Filipinos of the projects of the Commission;
f. Initiates programs to strengthen the functional relationships of the Commission with overseas Philippine government offices. Design plans for an effective linkage system between overseas Filipinos and the Philippine government;

Services for Overseas Filipinos
a. In coordination with the PPRD, initiates developmental programs and projects designed to establish and/or foster linkages between overseas Filipinos and the motherland;
b. Conducts studies/researches on the development of projects/services for overseas Filipinos;
c. Formulates criteria for determining priorities for proposed external projects and ascertains resource requirements of each;
d. Undertakes projects designed to promote the welfare of overseas Filipinos and to provide them with investment and trade opportunities in the Philippines;
e. Designs and develops a mechanism by which overseas Filipinos and associations can secure immediate assistance from the CFO;
f. Sets criteria by which external programs and projects are evaluated and proposes measures for improvement;
g. Develops and organizes a mechanism or system of integration and cooperation of Filipino associations abroad
h. Devises systems and procedures for the monitoring and implementation of overseas projects and activities;
i. Directly undertakes the implementation of CFO projects and programs, in coordination with embassies and consulates;
j. Coordinates with other government and private agencies in the implementation and monitoring of CFO projects;
k. Prepares reports, technical papers, and forecasts on the operations, projects and activities of the Commission.

Sangay ng Integrasyon at Edukasyon ng Migrante

Dir. Ivy D. Miravalles

Pre-departure Registration
a. Undertakes the systematic clearance and registration of emigrants and prepares progress reports on the activity;
b. Monitors pre-departing, visiting and returning Filipino emigrants. Takes charge of the registration activities in the various exit points;

Welfare Service
a. Implements and promotes the welfare programs/projects and services related to pre-departing, outgoing and returning overseas Filipinos;
b. Undertakes services relative to the needs of outgoing Filipino emigrants as well as lay the ground work for the development of good will and mutually beneficial ties with Filipino migrants;
c. Provides services such as counseling, travel assistance, orientation, information dissemination, consultative services regarding immigration laws and overseas Filipinos’ land ownership privileges and other related services;
d. Organizes a mechanism for handling complaints and grievances of outgoing, visiting and returning overseas Filipinos;

Liaison and Project Development
a. In line with the general policies adopted by the Commission, formulates plans and develops programs/projects for the provision of services to local Filipino emigrants;
b. Designs researches related to welfare-assistance projects/services for pre-departing, visiting and returning overseas Filipinos;
c. Evaluates and upgrades continuously the system and procedures used in the Office’s operations; and
d. Serves as liaison between the Commission and other government agencies in the provision of local emigrant services.

Sangay ng Patakaran, Pagpaplano at Pananaliksik

OIC Rodrigo V. Garcia Jr.

Policy Formulation
a. Formulates policies, directives, short and long-range plans, programs and strategies, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Management;

a. Evaluates and consolidates performance reports of various divisions and prepares the annual accomplishment report for submission to the Executive Director and Chairperson;
b. Provides technical support for the development of plans, work program and projects of different offices, in accordance with approved priority areas;

a. Undertakes all researches and studies for the development of Philippine migration policies and the determination of needs/requirements of the CFO clients;
b. Assist the Top Management in evaluating on a continuing basis the Commission’s organizational structure, functional relationship, accountability patterns and recommends appropriate measures for improvement. Institutes a reporting system to keep the Commission and Philippine Government informed of developments on Filipino international migration;

a. Responsible for the publication and dissemination of Filipino emigrant issuances, guidelines, and policies;