CFO Celebrates WDAT, Conducts Anti-Trafficking Drive in PH’s Trafficking Hotspots

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas conducted a series of Information Caravans and Community Education Drives Against Human Trafficking in Palawan, North Cotabato, Sarangani, Bukidnon, Negros Oriental, and Cavite, for the whole month of July 2019, as part of the celebration of the World Day Against Trafficking (WDAT). These provinces were identified by the CFO and the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) as trafficking hotspots or backdoor exits used by human traffickers to smuggle out their victims to Malaysia and other countries in Asia and the Middle East. They are also part of the government’s priority areas for convergence strategies to address poverty and ensure that the poor have access to social protection programs.

Eid’l Adha

The Commission on Filipinos Overseas joins our Muslim brothers and sisters in commemorating the Eid’l Adha. Today’s celebration, also called the “Feast of Sacrifice,” is dedicated in prayer and in offering sacrifices to Allah in commemoration of Abraham’s obedience to God’s command.