We would like to inform the public that presentation or submission of fake or fraudulent registration documents is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.

The Commission will apply the full force of the law against individuals who will present falsified registration requirements e.g. passport, visa, marriage certificate, etc. Such act can be a ground for refusal of the CFO to allow a client to undergo the mandatory registration process. Furthermore, we will confiscate the fake or fraudulent documents and refer the case to law enforcement agencies for appropriate legal actions.

May we request our clients to be vigilant on individuals, groups, or business establishments offering assistance for their CFO, registration and charging them with exorbitant/unnecessary, fees. Kindly transact only with our authorized personnel inside the CFO registration area.

We encourage the public to report to the CFO if you encounter this illegal transaction. You may reach us through the CFO, Facebook page or email address at info@cfo.gov.ph.

Thank you.

CFO Management