The Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) wishes to inform the public of its new online payment arrangements, in partnership with CIS Bayad Center Inc. (Bayad Center), Multisys Technologies Corporation (Multisys), and GCASH.

The partnership enhanced the CFO’s OF-CORS online systems capacity by including the more convenient and easier modes of digitized payment.

Below are the steps when paying for your registration and courier fees through Bayad Center for OF-CORS:

1. Take note of the ten (10) digit alphanumeric character reference number from Bayad Center and present it when paying.

2. The reference number is valid within seventy-two (72) hours from the time you choose to proceed using the online payment and this reference number can only be used once.

3. Tell the cashier to process your payment under MPAY biller (and NOT the CFO).

4. Pay in cash and the exact amount indicated in the payment step of the CFO OF-CORS. Excess payment will be forfeited and non-refundable. Payment less than the total amount will not be processed.

5. A confirmation email from the CFO will be sent after the payment is

Below are the steps when paying for your registration and courier fees through GCASH for OF-CORS:

1. Click “Pay Online” once you’re on the Delivery Details screen.

2. Select the payment method: “GCASH WebPay,” then click “proceed.”

3. Confirm the payment as well as the amount provided on the screen then click “agree and pay.”

4. A confirmation receipt from GCASH will be shown on screen with the payee, CFO, the date, time, and Reference Number of the transaction, once the payment is processed.

Click the link for the list of Bayad Centers nationwide or any of its authorized partners for payment. Choose the nearest Bayad Center in your locality for easy payment.

You may reach us to report your concerns through the CFO Facebook page or email address at


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