PESO SENSE CONDUCTS FIRST FINANCIAL LITERACY TRAINING FOR 2019a1The PESO Sense team with the officers and staff of Topspot Multipurpose Coopertative

Continuing the Commission on Filipinos Overseas’ (CFO) goal of assisting Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or abroad, in their journey to financial freedom, the PESO Sense team conducted its Kaalamang Pinansyal Tungo sa Kaunlaran (KAPIT KA) financial literacy training on June 14, 2019 to officers and staff of Topspot Multipurpose Cooperative. Topspot is a manpower services company that caters mainly to fast-food chains. It also provides savings and lending services to its members.

The KAPIT KA Training module covered the following topics:

• Introduction to the PESO Sense program
• Knowing your Financial Standing
• The Right Formula of Saving
• Financial Fitness Quiz
• Preparation of Personal Income and Expense Tracker (PIET)
• Prioritizing your Expenses
• Preparing your Dream Matrix
• 10 Commandments to be Financially Literate
• Oath of Financial Literacy

The participants underscored the impact of the financial literacy training in their daily lives. “Napaka fruitful ng mga mensahe na diniscuss. Binigyan kami ng idea kung paano mag ipon nang tama,” said one participant. “Napaliwanag at naituro nila ang halaga ng pag-iipon at nakapag bigay ng tricks at advice upang magawa ito,” shared another one.

During the workshop proper

According to Topspot’s Human Resources Department, they will invite the CFO again to conduct the KAPIT KA training, this time to their members in Bukidnon. Topspot’s ultimate goal is to educate their service crews, helpers, and cowboys (full-time and working students) members to save money while working. The next training is set to be scheduled in July 2019.

The KAPIT KA financial literacy training is part of the PESO Sense – the Philippine Financial Freedom Campaign of the CFO, aimed to improve the financial acumen of students, young adults, professionals, homemakers, entrepreneurs, seniors, and retirees, both in the Philippines and abroad, by promoting productive expenditure, greater savings and entrepreneurship. It also provides a set of knowledge and skills that allow individuals to make informed decisions with their financial resources.

For more information, visit, and navigate through the available free modules designed for each profile, watch videos on tips on saving and budgeting, play games relating to financial education, and download the PESO Sense bookmarks. There are also available modules on managing one’s money, stock market, wealth generation, financial investments and institutions, avoiding fraud and scams, and basic finance. At the end of each module, participants are awarded with certificates of completion sent through their email.

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