1Seated: Mr. Abu Shahin Ashaduzzaman, Mr. AKM Kawser, Mr. Mohammad Nazim Uddin, Mr. Md. Anwar Hossain, Ms. Maria Regina Galias, Mr. Mirza Mohammad Ali Reza, and Dr. Imtiaz Mahmud Standing: Mr. Michael Apattad, Ms. Camille Lacaba, Mr. Rodrigo Garcia, Jr., Ms. Rabeya Basri, Ms. Afrina Islam, Ms. Marita Apattad, and Atty. Golda Roma

MANILA, Philippines – Eight senior government officials from Bangladesh came for a  study visit on 22 August 2017 to learn about CFO’s initiatives in promoting and upholding the interests, rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos. The delegates are led by Mr. Abu Shanin Ashaduzzaman, the National Project Manager of the Knowledge for Development (K4DM) project at the Economic Relations Division (ERD) of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Finance.

The delegates were also accompanied by Atty. Golda Roma from the UNDP Philippines and were welcomed by CFO’s Interim Officer-in-Charge Ms. Maria Regina Galias, together with representatives from various CFO divisions to discuss their programs and services for Filipinos overseas.


2Atty. Roma during the preliminaries discussing the role of CFO and other agencies in delivering various programs services to overseas Filipinos

Ms. Marita Apattad and Mr. Rodrigo Garcia, division heads of CFO’s Project Management and Planning Divisions respectively, each presented the lead programs and services of their divisions and how they relate and work together with the other projects of the CFO.

Ms. Camille Lacaba, the representative from the Migrant Integration and Education Division, then gave an overview of the primary frontline services given by the CFO. Afterwards, the delegates are given the chance to witness these services firsthand through a quick tour led by Ms. Lacaba.


An actual registration for the Guidance and Counselling Program

4Delegates observing an actual Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar

At the counter, Ms. Lacaba explains the certificates granted to outbound Filipino emigrants after registration at CFO

The study visit aims to explore the best practices of diaspora engagement, among others, with the view of developing a platform for non-resident Bangladeshis to participate in national development. The delegates are also scheduled to visit other agencies and organizations in the Philippines with the same goal of migration and development and diaspora engagement.