The CFO maintains its streak of approval from the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) when the latter endorsed its 2023 GAD Plan and Budget on 01 December 2022 in just a month of PCW’s meticulous review and strict vetting processes.

The Technical Working Group of the CFO-GAD Focal Point System (TWG-GFPS), submitted the Commission’s 2023 GPB on 03 November 2022 to the PCW via its online system – Gender Mainstreaming and Monitoring System (GMMS).

The 2023 GPB that allocates 14.21% from the Commission’s General Appropriations Act of 2023 is more than 9% higher than the 5% mandatory requirement of the Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710) for GAD efforts. The Magna Carta directs all government agencies and departments to adopt Gender mainstreaming through efforts, projects, and services that further the advocacy of Gender and Development through GAD Planning.

The PCW monitors the compliance of national government agencies, bureaus, offices, state universities, and colleges, government-owned and controlled corporations, legislative and judiciary branches, constitutional bodies, and other government instrumentalities to the GAD Budget Policy, which include the submission of annual GAD Plans and Budgets (GPBs) and GAD Accomplishment Reports (ARs).

Included in the PCW-endorsed GPB of the CFO for 2023 are the continuous conduct of the Guidance and Counseling Program for marriage migrants, Country Familiarization Seminar (CFS) for Au Pair Program Participants to Europe, Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars for Filipino Emigrants and US-bound Exchange Visitor Program participants, Peer Counseling Program for outbound youth migrants, and conduct of Youth Leaders in the Diaspora Program for the students of Philippine Schools Overseas.

The maintenance of the child-minding area in the CFO premises will address the needs of the parents who avail of the CFO pre-departure services with nursing children and toddlers, along with awareness campaigns on migrants’ rights during Community Education Programs (CEPs) in the countryside were also incorporated. To increase the retention of migrants about their rights and settlement concerns overseas, the distribution of Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials will also be enhanced.

The CFO also allocated funds for in-depth orientation and training of GFPS-TWG members as well as other CFO personnel about current trends and initiatives concerning Gender and Development. These activities are geared towards enhancing the capability of the CFO officers in executing their tasks for overseas Filipinos.

The activities in the PCW-endorsed GPB of the Commission are attestations to the agency’s resolve to protect Filipino migrants in vulnerable situations, especially women, who are exposed to gender-based violence and biases across all stages of the migration cycle and resonates with its advocacy: Kasangga ang CFO sa pagsusulong ng karapatan ng bawat Juana, sa Pilipinas man o sa ibang bansa.