The Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) and the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) sealed its partnership with a memorandum of agreement signed yesterday.

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The collaboration aims to apprise Filipinos overseas on the dangers involving illegal drug trafficking and smuggling. It also aims to strengthen the information dissemination campaign on the perils of drug use and dependence.

“We have commonality on purpose and aspiration for a drug-free Philippines. With your office partnering with us, we can reach out to Filipinos abroad and it is very important. We see CFO as one of the key partners in our campaign,” DDB Chair Cuy stated.

CFO, a government agency created by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 79, is responsible for upholding the interests, rights and welfare of overseas Filipinos and strengthening their ties with the Philippines through formulating an integrated program.

Cuy said that the DDB welcomes this development as this is a part of the advocacy and awareness campaign among the citizens on the menace of illegal drugs.

Meanwhile, CFO Executive Director Undersecretary Astravel Pimentel-Naik considered the partnership as a pursuit in advancing the welfare of the Filipinos overseas. “The signing of Memorandum of Agreement between CFO and the DDB is a firm manifestation of our conviction to keep our overseas Filipinos free from illegal drugs and substance use.”

“Ito ang tatak ng tunay na pagbabago! Mabilis na pagkilos para sa ating mga kababayan na nasa ibayong dagat!” she added.

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The agreement will jumpstart the development of respective modules on information dissemination relative to illegal drug use and dependence and drug trafficking and smuggling for overseas Filipinos and their respective families, with emphasis on the medical and legal aspects.

This initiative is part of the government’s thrust in pursuing an all-out campaign against illegal drugs.