Did you know? There were a total of 16,076 Filipino emigrants to Spain from 1988 to 2019, making it the Top 10 destination country among all Filipino emigrants in this period. The majority of this population were children of Filipino emigrants at 34.01% or 5,468, followed by spouses of Filipino immigrants with a relatively wide margin at 24.50% or 3,939, then by children of former Filipino citizens at 13.90% or 2,235. They were followed by parents and spouses of former Filipino citizens at 6.35% or 1,020 and 5.39% or 867, respectively.

Other major categories included spouses of foreign nationals, adopted children, principal immigrants, parents of Filipino immigrants, and non-immediate relatives of foreign nationals/immigrants, which each share, on average, 2.47% or 398 of the population. These ten categories alone accounted for 96.52% of the overall Filipino emigrant population to Spain in 1988-2019.