Did you know that there were four major categories of Filipino emigrants to the United States of America from 1988 to 2018? Of the 1.2 million Filipino emigrants to the USA in this period, 14.85% were Children of Filipino Emigrants at 178,101, 13.70% were Children of Former Filipino Citizens at 164,374, 13.55% were Non-immediate Relatives of Foreign Nationals or Immigrants at 162,550, and 12.59% were Parents of Former Filipino Citizens at 151,089. These four categories alone accounted for more than half of the total Filipino emigrant population to the USA in 1988-2018.

Other categories included Spouse of Filipino Emigrant at 7.65%, Fiancée of Foreign National at 6.67%, and Sibling of Former Filipino Citizen at 6.21%, followed by Spouse of Foreign national, Spouse of Former Filipino Citizen, and Child of Filipino Married to Foreign National.