Data gathered over the years consistently show the top three destination countries of Filipino spouses and other partners of foreign nationals: the United States of America (USA), Japan, and Australia, with South Korea and Canada following close behind.

From 2009 to 2019, the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) registered 226,207 Filipinos who were spouses, fiance(e)s, or other partners of foreign nationals. More than a hundred thousand were bound to the USA at 48.57%. Japan was the second most popular country, following the USA at 9.8%, then Australia at 6.93%, South Korea at 5.91%, and Canada at 5.36%.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom (UK) comprised 4.31% of the same population, listing 9,747 Filipino spouses and partners of foreign nationals, and Germany at 2.91% or 6,587. Other major destination countries included Taiwan, Norway, and Sweden, which each shared 1.57% or 3,559 spouses and partners on average. These ten destination countries alone accounted for 88.51% of the overall population of Filipino spouses and other partners in 2009-2019.

Through the years, intermarriage has generally been rising across different countries. Research suggests this can be attributed to societies becoming more racially diverse, catalyzing the shift in public opinions and attitudes on racial differences and changes in immigration laws.

In these rapidly changing times, with technological innovations and gradual shifts in the public perception of social issues such as race and ethnicities, it will be beneficial for the Philippine government to track the changes in the statistical profiles of Filipino spouses and other partners of foreign nationals.

Reference data covers 2009-2019.