Did you know? More than one-fifth of the 109,864 CFO-registered Filipino marriage migrants bound for the USA from 2009 to 2019 originated from the National Capital Region (NCR) at 22.85%, totaling 25,096 Filipino spouses and partners. Almost 39.11% of those within the NCR were from District II and 34.07% from District IV, while Districts III and IV shared 13.95% and 12.87%, respectively.

After Metro Manila, Cebu ranked as the Top 2 origin province at 8.97% or 9,854, which Pampanga followed at 6.18% or 6,785, and Cavite at 5.49% or 6,034. Other central areas of origin included Pangasinan, Davao, Rizal, Bulacan, Laguna, and Zambales, which each shared 3.11% on average.

These ten Philippine provinces accounted for 62.17% of all Filipino spouses, fiancé(e)s, and other partners of foreign nationals in 2009-2019. While many Filipino migrants came from the NCR, almost 40% were spread sparsely over the rest of the country.

Reference data covers 2009-2019.