Did you know? According to registration data gathered by CFO over three decades since 1988, there were almost as many male emigrants to Canada as there were females. Male emigrants comprised 51.79% or 248,824 of the population, while the rest of the 48.21% or 231,642 were female.

The Canada-bound emigrant population from 1988 to 2019 mainly consisted of very young and middle-aged emigrants. The dominant age group was children and teenagers aged 19 years or below, which totaled 190,179 and comprised 39.58%. They were followed by 107,560 30- to 39-year-olds at 22.39%. Together, these two age groups accounted for 61.97% of the entire Filipino emigrant population to Canada. Meanwhile, emigrants aged 60 or older comprised only a tiny portion at 4.89%.

Reference data covers 1988-2019.