Did you know? Most Filipino emigrants bound for Japan from 1988 to 2018 were spouses of foreign nationals. They comprised 60.38% of the total emigrant population in this period at 90,652. Next in line were the 17,535 children of Filipino emigrants and 14,717 spouses of Filipino immigrants, with a large margin at 11.68% and 9.8%, respectively. These three categories alone accounted for 81.86% of all Filipino emigrants en route to Japan from 1988 to 2018.

Other significant categories included non-immediate relative of foreign national/Filipino immigrant at 4.91%, sibling of Filipino immigrant at 2.82%, child of Filipino married to a foreign national at 2.47%, fiancé(e) of foreign national at 2.10%, child of foreign national at 2.06%, and child of former Filipino citizen at 1.52%.

Reference data covers 1988-2018.