Did you know? According to data obtained by the CFO, Japan was the Top 3 country of destination among Filipino emigrants from 1981 to 2018, comprising about 6.21% of the total Filipino emigrant population in this time period.

During the Marcos regime until 1986, the annual number of Filipinos flying to Japan was at an all-time low, listing only an average of 170 Filipino emigrants since 1981. At this time, the vast majority of foreigners in Japan were of Korean descent, followed by Chinese nationals. Only in the 1990s did Japan see an influx of other Asian nationalities, including Filipinos.

In 1989, the CFO recorded 1,271 Japan-bound Filipino emigrants, a dramatic increase from the previous year. This number grew steadily through the following years until it reached its peak in 2006, listing around 10,000 emigrants. From 2007 to 2009, this figure gradually declined, then started to follow a steady drift thereafter, neither substantially growing nor declining.

Reference data covers 1981-2018.