Did you know? The majority of Filipino emigrants bound for Japan from 1988 to 2018 were residents of Metro Manila. Of the total 150,132 Filipino emigrants en route to Japan, 43.08% or 64,681 were from the NCR. More than a third originated from District II, almost a third from District IV, while the rest from Districts III and I.

On the other hand, 13,608 Japan-bound emigrants were from Davao del Sur at 9.06%, 8,496 from Bulacan at 5.66%, 7,813 from Cavite at 5.20%, and 5,988 from Rizal at 3.99%. These Top 5 provinces alone accounted for 67% of the Filipino emigrant population en route to Japan in 1988-2018.

Other central provinces of origin included Laguna, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Cebu, and Davao del Norte at 3.68%, 3.36%, 2.57%, 2.36%, and 1.69%, respectively.

Reference data covers 1988-2018.