Did you know? Most Filipino emigrants en route to Japan in 1988-2018 were primarily female and relatively young. Of the 150,132 Filipino emigrants bound for Japan, 82.77% or 124,265 were female, while only 17.23% or 25,867 were male.

Data obtained by CFO during this period also showed that more than half of the overall Japan-bound Filipino emigrant population in 1988-2018 were aged 20 to 29 at the time of registration. Forty-three thousand nine hundred thirty-four emigrants were 25- to 29-year-olds pre-departure at 29.26%. They were followed by 38,983 emigrants aged 20 to 24 with a fairly narrow margin at 25.97%, and 16,092 children aged 14 or younger at 10.72%. Meanwhile, emigrants aged 50 or older only made up 1.35% of the total Japan-bound Filipino emigrants during the said period.

Reference data covers 1988-2018.