Did you know? Almost a fourth of the approximately 25,000 Filipino emigrants bound for New Zealand from 1988 to 2019 were principal immigrants, totaling 5,396 or 23.44%.

The 4,944 children of Filipino emigrants likewise comprised a relatively large portion of 21.47%, and the 4,199 children of principal emigrants at 18.24%. These Top 3 categories were followed by spouses of Filipino emigrants and principal immigrants at 10.71% and 10.03%, respectively.

Other categories included fiancé(e)s of foreign nationals at 4.50%, spouses of foreign nationals at 3.48%, and fiancé(e)s of Filipino immigrants at 1.33%. In comparison, the parents and children of former Filipino citizens made up a considerably small portion of 1.98%. These ten categories alone accounted for 95.18% of the overall population of Filipino emigrants en route to New Zealand from 1988 to 2019.

Reference data covers 1988-2019.