Did you know? The Top 3 categories among Filipino emigrants to Spain in 1988-2019 were children of Filipino emigrants, spouses of Filipino immigrants, and children of former Filipino citizens.

Most of the 16,076 CFO-registered Filipino emigrants to Spain from 1988 to 2019 were children of Filipino emigrants. Five thousand four hundred sixty-eight, a third of the entire Spain-bound emigrants, were children of Filipino emigrants, comprising 34.01% with a total count of 5,468. Three thousand nine hundred thirty-nine spouses of Filipino immigrants followed them with a relatively wide margin at 24.50%, then by 2,235 children of former Filipino citizens at 13.90%.

Meanwhile, 1,020 parents and 867 spouses of former Filipino citizens comprised 6.35% and 5.39%, respectively. Other significant categories included spouses of foreign nationals, adopted children, principal immigrants, parents of Filipino immigrants, and non-immediate relatives of foreign nationals/immigrants, which each shared 2.47% or 398 on average. These ten categories alone accounted for 96.52% of the Filipino emigrant population to Spain in 1988-2019.

Reference data covers 1988-2019.