Did you know? Spain was the Top 10 destination country among Filipino emigrants from 1981 to 2019, accounting for 0.65% of the entire emigrant population. There were 16,267 Filipino emigrants to Spain during the said period.

Based on registration data obtained by CFO spanning almost four decades, the yearly number of Filipino emigrants to Spain started very low and with relatively erratic movements until 1998, listing counts of not more than ten, a little over fifty, and some years over a hundred. In 1999, these figures suddenly rose to 345, from which point on they started to stabilize while following a slowly increasing trend.

The annual count of Filipino emigrants to Spain peaked in 2015 when CFO recorded 1,005 emigrants in a single year alone. From thereon, the yearly number of Filipino emigrants to Spain stabilized again, albeit this time seemingly following a slowly decreasing pattern.

Reference data covers 1981-2019.