Did you know? About 7,000 of the approximately 16,000 Filipino emigrants to the UK in 1988-2019 were spouses of foreign nationals at 41.41% or 6,660.

Two thousand eight hundred sixty-eight fiancé(e)s of foreign nationals followed them at 17.83%, and 1,646 children of Filipino emigrants at 10.24%. Meanwhile, 1,141 spouses of Filipino immigrants comprised 7.09% of the total number of UK-bound Filipino emigrants in this period. Children of former Filipino citizens, children of Filipinos married to foreign nationals, and spouses of former Filipino citizens each comprised, on average, 5.39% or 867.

Other significant categories included children of foreign nationals at 1.29%, fiancé(e)s of former Filipino citizens at 1.16%, and principal immigrants at 1.11%. These ten categories alone accounted for 96.31% of the Filipino emigrant population to the UK from 1988 to 2019.

Reference data covers 1988-2019.