Did you know? There were four major categories among the approximately 1.2 million Filipino emigrants to the USA from 1988 to 2018, which alone accounted for more than half of the population. One hundred seventy-eight thousand one hundred one children of Filipino emigrants comprised 14.85%. They were followed by 164,374 children of former Filipino citizens at 13.70%, 162,550 non-immediate relatives of foreign nationals or immigrants at 13.55%, and 151,089 parents of former Filipino citizens at 12.59%.

Other categories accounting for a sizable chunk of the same population included spouses of Filipino emigrants at 7.65%, fiancé(e)s of foreign nationals at 6.67%, and siblings of former Filipino citizens at 6.21%. The rest were spouses of foreign nationals and former Filipino citizens, and children of Filipinos married to a foreign national.

These statistics gathered over the period of three decades show that most Filipino emigrants were flying to the USA to reunify with a family member who had migrated much earlier.

Reference data and video clip cover 1988-2018.