Did you know? The CFO recorded around 1.2 million Filipino emigrants bound for the USA from 1988 to 2018, more than half of whom were female at 59.84% while 40.16% were male.

Statistics also showed that the USA-bound Filipino emigrant population during the said time period was very young; there were 231,372 emigrants aged 14 or below and 131,486 emigrants aged 15 to 19, comprising the two largest portions of the population at 19.29% and 10.96%, respectively. On the other hand, 116,738 emigrants aged 30 to 34 years accounted for 9.73%, 110,714 emigrants aged 25 to 29 9.23%, and 110,113 emigrants aged 20 to 24 9.18%.

Interestingly, the Top 5 age groups among Filipino emigrants en route to the USA were the youngest. Meanwhile, emigrants aged 65 or older listed the lowest count, making up only 8.07% of the total emigrant population.

Reference data and video clip cover 1988-2018.