PESO Sense or the Philippine Financial Freedom campaign

CFO, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and with the support of the Western Union Foundation, launched the Philippine Financial Freedom Campaign or PESO Sense in October 2013 to help overseas Filipinos and the families left behind to develop or enhance personal strategies, skills and knowledge in attaining financial freedom. PESO Sense utilizes new technology to reach out to all Filipinos, whether sender or receiver of remittances. The PESO Sense campaign makes use of accessible forms of communications such as the internet ( and social media ( The online PESO Sense financial literacy module is designed with 6 targeted profiles in mind: students, young adults, business owners, the employed, home makers and retirees.

The free online training modules featured in the PESO Sense website is the heart of the campaign. Each training module is customized per target remittance recipient. The 30-minute modules have specific learning materials for students, young adults, professionals, homemakers, micro and small-scale entrepreneurs, seniors and retirees. These free online modules feature, among other things, videos, games, online mentors, reflection exercises. After finishing the modules, learners receive an online certificate, proof that they have completed the training.
The PESO Sense Facebook page has more than 2 million likers/followers reaching more than ten million users weekly from all over the world. PESO Sense followers, called “Ka-PESO”, come from countries with a high concentration of OFs such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore, United States of America, Qatar, Japan, Taiwan, and Kuwait.

The PESO Sense FB page is regularly updated with various posts, inspirational quotations, saving and budgeting tips, stories, provocative questions related to financial literacy and insightful articles that help our audience realize the importance of managing their finances well.