Online Services is the new normal. Clients (Immigrant visa holders (emigrants), Filipino Fiance(e)/Spouse/Partner of Foreign National/Former Filipino Citizen/Dual Citizen with visa and CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate) are encouraged to register online via Overseas Filipinos – CFO Online Registration System or OF-CORS (


Thru online registration, clients need not go to any CFO office to avail of pre-departure services. They could just print their own OF-CORS Temporary Certificate, which will be presented to the Bureau of Immigration on the day of their departure from the Philippines.

Click here for the Step by Step Procedure in using the OFCORS for the Emigrant Registration.

Click here for more information on Bayad Center.

Click here to watch the video on CFO Registration via OF-CORS.

Click here for United States of America (USA) Online PDOS.