PE in Lisbon 09 23 2019p1
Ambassador Celia Anna M. Feria with the players of both Filipino communities from Portugal and Spain

16 September 2019, LISBON – The Philippine Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal in partnership with the Associaçăo Filipino Portuguesa (AFP) successfully hosted the first friendly basketball match between the Filipino communities in Portugal and Spain on Sunday, 15 September 2019, at Parque de Jogos 1 de Maio in Lisbon, Portugal.

The first ever invitational friendly basketball match is a project of Philippine Ambassador to Portugal Celia Anna Feria aimed at connecting the Filipino communities in Europe and emphasizing the importance of friendship, camaraderie and networking within the region.


Currently, there are about 50,000 Filipinos in Spain and about 1,600 Filipinos in Portugal.


The match ended with the visiting team from Madrid winning by a wide margin over the host city. Players of both teams were awarded medals courtesy of the Philippine Embassy in Lisbon and a trophy was presented to the winning team.

PE in Lisbon 09 23 2019p2
Before the start of the game, the Philippine National Anthem was played.


Ambassador Feria, in her closing remarks, congratulated both teams and the two (2) Filipino communities for their collaborative efforts in ensuring a successful event. She expressed and hoped that this first joint effort will pave the way for more activities among other Filipino communities in other European cities/ capitals in the future.


In October 2017, a group of marathon runners from Madrid participated in the EDP Lisbon Marathon, which was also participated by Filipino marathon runners based in Portugal.


The event culminated with a salo-salo picnic prepared by both communities, before the Madrid team departed for Spain that afternoon.


PE in Lisbon 09 23 2019p3
Both Filipino communities cheering for their respective teams.


PE in Lisbon 09 23 2019p4
Ambassador Celia Anna M. Feira with the winning team, the Filipino Community from Madrid, Spain


Philippine Embassy, Lisbon