Recognizing the achievements, excellence and philanthropy of Filipinos overseas, the Philippine government honors them for their sacrifices and dedication to their work, family and the nation through the following programs:

A. Month of Overseas Filipinos

In 1988, Proclamation No. 276 declared December of every year as “Month of Overseas Filipinos”. In observance of this occasion, the Inter-Agency Committee (IAC), co-chaired by CFO, organizes special projects and activities every December to give recognition to Filipinos abroad and to encourage their participation in development activities in the country.

Given the significant role of the media in the promotion and advocacy of migration and development concerns, the CFO launched the Migration Advocacy and Media (MAM) Awards in 2011. The MAM Awards recognize the positive and significant contributions of media outlets, institutions and practitioners, in both government and private media organizations in the Philippines and abroad who raise public awareness on issues relative to migration and development with particular attention to Filipino migration, advocate the cause of Filipinos
overseas and promote their positive image. In 2014, twelve (10) media works from six (6) countries composed of print articles and books, film and documentaries, websites and blog, and advertisement were recognized by the 4th MAM Awards.


B. Presidential Awards for Filipinos Individuals and Organizations Overseas

The Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas, established through Executive Order No. 498 in December 1991, is a biennial award conferred to distinguished Filipino individuals and organizations in recognition of their outstanding contributions to national development efforts, or their outstanding achievements in their field of profession. The awards, implemented and managed by CFO, are also conferred to foreign individuals and organizations that provide assistance to the country or advance the cause of Filipino communities overseas. As of 2014, there are 400 Presidential awardees from 44 countries. The program is managed by the CFO.